Aquarius astrology stubborn

Aquarians live in their own worlds, with their own language, their own belief systems, their own lifestyle, and no one can change their minds except themselves. On the surface they may seem easy going and relaxed, but tenacious Aquarius can dig in for a lifetime of resistance, and all attempts to use logic or persuasion will end in failure.

The downside of Aquarian independence and individuality is complete immobility and disregard for the opinions of others.

The Water Bearer

Aquarians can hold out their entire lives, waiting for the world to come around to their way of thinking. They may be complete luddites, refusing any attempt to covert to the new system or electronics. Aquarius is fixed air. Like the atmosphere itself, Aquarius is everywhere and nowhere.

They can be everywhere but where they are expected to be. The rising or falling barometer that causes the rest of us to change our opinions does not penetrate the bubble of perpetuity that surround Aquarian decision making. Nothing will change an Aquarius from the outside, and the changes that do occur, are beyond even Aquarian understanding; they pop out unannounced, as if even surprising themselves.

Loathe to admit it, Aquarians ARE weird, defiant, eccentric, unusual, distanced, isolated, detached and set apart from the mass. The charm of Aquarius is that they can be so inflexible and also lovable. You want to hate them for their intransigence, but you can't, because, they're cheerfully inviting you along for the voyage, damn their Utopian souls! Comparison of the Zodiac systems. Bad Astrology. Raw Goddess. Hookup Guide.

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I think the main things with Cancers are the following.. Ranging from their enemy to their own mother. Umm… I usually like reading these, but this one seemed a bit off to me. Except maybe the capricorns. You threw in some good stuff for everyone else, but maybe you forgot a line about Aries and Capricorns.

Understanding the sign of Aquarius in Astrology

Also, not all of us are like that. Other than that one thing, I loved this article! Most of it was really accurate! This was very offensive. It was not very kind either. Whoever posted this was a brat. I dont know how people loved this or liked this. But i really dont care because i know its just a stupid person making people hate theirself. I loved reading what u wrote about all 12 signs…spot on and I really got a laught today..

I am a Scorpio … this is sooo true… I am drawen to a Aqua man and a Crab man… what u said is sooo spot on about the Aqua … the Crab mostly …however he is not cheap … spends money like crazy sooo generous w his family and friends!

The Ugly Truth About the Signs

Looking forward to a 12 months pros post on all the signs next! Happy New Year! I am a Scorpio and my bestie for life is a Leo.

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Our egos match each other. Love this article. As cartoonish as the representations of the signs come off here, most of it is probably true. Thank you for such truthful findings. Aquarius are the worst people on the planet. These people should never be in a relationship its a total mental game one cannot win. Gemini not that bad at all I was married to one for over 2 decades its like a Pisces and Gemini becomes a team.

8 Things to Know About Your Aquarius Child

What I experienced was Aquarius men cannot bond closely everything is shallow anything more than that they need SPACE quick secret flings are their thing. Hopefully not all of them but here it was the case. Why did I come to this conclusion cause this Aquarius male cheated on his ex wife too multiple times as well as all the girls before me. It sort of contradicts itself, pointing out their stupidity while encouraging their talents with intuition. The pic u have potrayed is really in contrast with Taureans nature, And really r not tht greedy or materialistic, Everybody loves money and riches , not us alone, Where there is riches every1 gets attracted.

Aquarius Traits

Ppl in general keep floating unnecessary rumors and tales without any evidence, its so unfortunate, I have to put up with so many creepy things. God knows when will I be free of this non sense in my life. No communication but too many stories propagated. Thanks to the Taurean Patience and Determination that keeps us afloat, No scope for self defence as we r not influential. Thank u God for a experience of a life time.

Pin on Aquarius

Lmao only aquarius can write about aquarius no one knows enough about them, their manipulative con artists when their shadow side starts to show through and their damn good at it too. This was not only hilarious, but dead on!! My husband is a Virgo… and he is one mean, defensive whine-ass. I wish I could live up to everything that he does that is MY fault. Somehow, I have the power to do things that make HIM do whatever it is that I have confronted him about. Besides the gossip trait I loathe gossip and people who gossip … The rest was quite accurate. Thanks for the interesting and amusing read.

They can be a total opposite of those things as well. Many Capricorns are just too wrapped up in themselves to ask questions or take any real interest in others…they can be so controlling and harsh def their way or the highway. Cancerians have a mean streak, they can be jealous, spiteful entitled selfish brats. Oh my goodness you nailed it, all of em!

Im impressed by how accurate it all is because I know many signs and I love astrology. This is only if the negative aspects of your sign have got a hold of you and generally these things are probably which each sign is meant to overcome in their lifetime. My pisce rising makes me super sensitive and empathetic also intuitive.

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Also addicted to escaping drug of choice what do you got? Its been and am still awake and reading this article. Hahaha I am amused by your post??? Aries -Selfish Taurus — money minded Gemini — talkative Cancer — home lovers Leo — Show off Virgo — logical Libra — diplomatic Scorpio- secretive Sagittarius- open minded Capricorn- success oriented Aquarius- eccentric Pisces — emotional. Pretty much your generic half-assed descriptions. Did you even really tried? This was sooo on point … You did that Kelli …. Good read and I mean that literally?

In my group of friends I am the one who stop gossiping. So that part are inaccurate. Who the hell said we are materialistic and money loving?? Tbh they are far from these things. Taurus are dull??? Come on they are adventures and awesome people…. Yep nailed Aries — I am an Aries female living with an Aries male who is strictly platonic friend. Its an eye opener to see the difference in the sexes. The description for Aries above pretty much for the guy — I have 3 Aries in my family and they all the same — but we females seem to be cut from a different cloth — though yes, I agree about the temper thing — I can go from 0 to in 2 seconds flat so can my male conterpart.

I also agree with love or potential love interests we can be impulsive but females arew more considerate than our male counterparts. The guys are pure dogs in heat! They have many women, cheating, lying, cunning having many women on the go at different times and quite adept at hiding it and will lie boldly to your face about it.

Aw come on…. Oprah is an Aquarius. So is my dad and he is mr Empathy himself! Its so mean, Aquarius always gets the worst rap.