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The planet Jupiter is an indicator of money and because the planet is in retrograde motion moving backwards now, it is influencing negative trends in exports.

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Posted by prasnaastrology on November 9, in Economic. Hang on to your seats, the ride has just begun with players!

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The trailer of Player was out last week with some high speed chase and stunt sequences coalescing with highly electric special effects that are set against the back drop of stunning locales in Goa, New Zealand and other foreign countries. Release date of Players is January 6 th , which will be the first mega release of and is expected to conquer the box office, with the hype already created. Will the movie Players stand up to the expectations?

Our Vedic Prasna astrologers have analyzed the Prasna chart to solve the concern. The success of a film is indicated by the 5 th house, 11 th house and by Lord Venus. As per the Prasna chart based in Chennai on November 8 th at The 5 th house Lord Mercury and Venus are associated with the natural malefic planet Rahu, which is afflicting them, making them not much favorable for the success of the movie Players.

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Jupiter, the Lord of the 11 th house describes your hopes, aspirations and fulfillment of desires is in retrogression in the 3 rd house. Moreover, the debilitated weak Sun is aspecting Jupiter, which is also not much encouraging for the movie players at the box office. The aspect of Lord Jupiter represents Money to the 11 th house is however, a promising planetary position indicating that the movie will be able to have some financial gains and is expected to become atleast an average hit.

So according to our Vedic experts, Prasna chart shows that the movie Players will be atleast an average hit at the box office. Posted by prasnaastrology on November 8, in Entertainment. India Vs West Indies 1st test match will soon go to the visitors if India fails to plug the loopholes. However, India could not carry on the momentum. India has been bundled out for allowing West indies a lead of 95 runs.

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However, West indies also suffered an early blow when they lost one of their openers, when they have not even opened their account. But, what will be the result of the 1st test match between India and West Indies. Our expert astrologers have drawn a prasna chart to look into the reasons. As per the chart the ascendant, representing the Indian team, falls in the sign Aquarius. Know more on Prashna Astrology. The Lord of the ascendant, Saturn, is placed in the 8th house, representing disappointments. The 7 th house in the chart, which represents the West Indies team, falls in the sign Leo.

The Lord of the 7 th house, Sun is in debilitation weak in the 3rd house.

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Thus the planetary positions are equally unfavorable for both India and West Indies. Moreover, the 6 th house in the chart decides about winning and the 11 th house indicates fulfillment of ambitions. There are no planets in the 6th or in the 11th house with respect to Aquarius or Leo. So the planetary positions indicate that the match will end in a draw. Posted by prasnaastrology on November 7, in Sports.

Are you ready to make some noise for the Desi Boyz? Desi Boyz, an upcoming Hindi action comedy film, is directed by the debutant Rohit Dhawan. Desi Boyz story revolves around 2 men, who are forced to do something extremely uncanny, which gives them instant enjoyment; however, the consequences tear them apart including their friendship. The songs of Desi Boyz are composed by Pritam Chakraborthy, who is back with a boom after the much appreciated Mausam.

The title song has topped the chartbusters and is creating a huge hype for the movie. Release date of Desi Boyz is November 25 th and is expected to continue the dream run at the box office. Will the movie Desi Boyz stand up to the expectations? Know More on Prasna or Prashna. As per Prasna chart based in Chennai at This is an unfavorable position for the film Desi Boyz.

No planet is either placed or aspecting this house, which creates a negation about the 5 th house matters. This is not much promising for the box office performance of Desi Boyz. However, the 5 th house Lord Moon, is occupying the ascendant and is aspected by the 9 th house indicates fortune , which specifies that Lord Mars will favor for at least an average success of the film Desi Boyz.

So according to our Vedic experts, Prasna chart shows that the movie Desi Boyz will be average success and might not stand up to the expectations of the movie goers. Posted by prasnaastrology on November 7, in Entertainment. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Solve Your Problems In 5 Minutes.

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