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Mercury Square Asc. Misunderstandings with others create problems for you in your life in general, and in your relationships in particular. Moon in Taurus:. Security and stability are important to you. Your emotional reactions tend to be steady and placid. Moon in 10th:.

Social prominance and career recognition are important to your sense of emotional security and well-being. Your family may push you to be ambitious and high-achieving. Moon Trine Jupiter. You are sympathetic, generous, and concerned with the welfare of others.

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People tend to trust you and give you their cooperation. Your personal philosophy and morals are an important part of your self-image. Moon Trine Saturn. You have a great deal of emotional strength and can endure much hardship. Your responses are level-headed and cautious. Moon Sextile Uranus. Moon Square Asc. You may hide your feelings, or you may have habits and mannerisms that cause you to be misunderstood. This can create problems in your relationships.

Venus in Libra:. Harmonious relationships are important to you, and you have a strong desire to please. Partnerships come easily to you. Venus in 4th:. You enjoy entertaining at home. Your family life is harmonious and pleasant. Venus Conjunct Neptune. You are highly romantic, and tend to idealize those you love. Your relationships have an especially intimate quality, and may sometimes involve secrets or deception.

Venus Sextile Pluto. You love passionately, and your relationships can have a transforming effect on both your life and that of your partners. There is often a sense of destiny in your relationships. Mars in Sagittarius:. You have strong religious or philosophical convictions, which you actively support and defend. You believe in being direct and open about your attitudes and actions, and can be undiplomatic in speech.

Freedom is important to you.

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You enjoy travel, games, and the outdoors. Mars in 5th:. You are active in your pursuit of pleasure and romance, and like to be the dominant partner in your relationships. You have a strong sex drive. You enjoy competitive games and outdoor sports. Mars Trine Pluto. Jupiter in 5th:. You are lucky in love.

You attract romantic partners who are kind and generous, and bring you good fortune.

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You enjoy speculation, and may gamble for pleasure, or invest in high-risk or artistic ventures. Saturn in 2nd:. You have to work hard to earn what money you have, and may suffer periods of hardship. Fear of not having enough money can make you overly cautious in financial affairs. Neptune in 4th:. You have a very private home life, and keep your family affairs secret. Many of your private fantasies revolve around your home life; your home is a base from which you can pursue your dreams.

Lack of realism can introduce some confusion into your family affairs. Just being with Prince Charles makes you feel happy, creative, and romantic. The joy you feel in his presence encourages him to be his best. You have fun together, and enjoy attending social and artistic functions as a couple. You would work well together at creative endeavors. If you marry, children will be important to you. You respect his gut reactions and feelings. He enjoys spending time at home with you discussing mutual interests. If you lived together, Prince Charles would make your home a place of beauty and charm, and your home life would be harmonious and pleasant. You might do quite a bit of entertaining. Prince Charles arouses your desire for adventure and fun, and you likely feel a strong, sexual attraction for each other.

He may sometimes lack grace and a sense of timing in the expression of his impulses. The time you spend with Prince Charles is harmonious and pleasurable. You enjoy participating in creative activities and pasttimes together. Prince Charles encourages you to be frugal and prudent in your financial affairs. This may result in greater stability and security for you, or you may find him overly restrictive and stingy.

Prince Charles is a stimulating companion, and introduces you to people who are different from those you usually spend time with. He may cause some disruption in your social life.

Your friendship with him may be intermittent, unstable, or subject to frequent falling-outs. Prince Charles finds your home intriguing and peaceful, and enjoys spending time with you there.

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If you lived together, your home life would be quiet and intimate, but he could introduce a certain degree of confusion by being disorganized or withdrawn. Prince Charles may try to transform your appearance or the way you express yourself.


His influence may be to your benefit, but it may make you feel controlled and uncomfortable. Your characters blend naturally, and your basic goals and motivations are harmonious. You understand each other, and get along together easily. Prince Charles and you are similar types, but not so similar as to cause competition between you. Your intuitive understanding of what Prince Charles is trying to get at when he speaks eases communication between you.

He can help you to understand your feelings by putting them into words.

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You have a natural rapport. There is a strong sense of mutual respect and responsibility between you. Your loyalty to each other gives you the ability to survive hard times together. Your emotional responses stir up old hang-ups and fears in Prince Charles, causing confusion in your relationship. He can be secretive, evasive, or even deceptive, making you feel uncomfortable and insecure.